Heart Treasures- Art Therapy

Our Creative Art Therapy

In our therapy, we teach artisans how to create the handicrafts. Our artisans have improved their motor skills and mental health step by step. We believe everyone has talent. We help artisans to realize their hidden ability that they have never noticed due to their disability.

The Process of Our Therapy

There are 4 stages in our therapy. All artisans start from the stage 1. As they develop their skills, they move to next stage.

Stage 1 - Elementary Foundation Level

Personalized assessment of strengths and area development

Attendance - is consistently at work and on time.
Attitude - diligent & hardworking, committed and conscientious towards people, work & organization.
Motor and Brain Coordination Skills - speech, hearing, language, communication, and swallowing problems.

Stage 2 - Intermediate Level

Skills or factors of agility to faster and enhance performance

Creativity - ability to develop original thoughts or adapt ideas and approaches to current needs and to determine impact of actions on self and organization.
Initiative - identifying and dealing with issues proactively and persistently, seizing opportunities that arise.
Job Knowledge - knowledge of all aspects of the job, generates suggestions for improving work and develops innovative approaches and ideas.

Stage 3 - Higher Level

Learning plans to acquire leadership attitudes and behaviors

Planning - Organizes work process, sets priorities and realistic objectives.
Quality of work - maintain a high standard degree of accuracy, thoroughness, and attention to detail displayed
Quantity of work - controls work volume and produces expected number of handicrafts.

Stage 4 - Advanced Level

Leadership and coaching

Integrity - inspires the trust of others, works with integrity and ethically and keeps confidentiality.
Versatility - flexible to approach new techniques and to implement the skills for new requirements. Able to multitask and adapt to changes.

Focused on themes specific to the needs of the management and customers

Continuous learning and creative thinking - develops their own strength. are creative and explore new innovative techniques.
Teamwork – co-operate each other to create each handicraft.

A Glimpse of Our Art Therapy Workshops

Art Therapy by Other Organisations

American Art Therapy Organization contributes to the development of Art Therapy. As a successful example, a woman who had dementia participated in their therapy. Although she was not able to have a verbal conversation before the therapy, she gradually came to express her emotion and thoughts through her art.

A team of Psychologists (Schweizer, Knorth, and Spreen, 2014) revealed that Art Therapy may have positive effects on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). they found that Art therapy may help people with ASD to be relaxed, have less anxiety, communicate with others, improve their self-esteem, and develop their learning abilities.