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Not just an activity to pass time, we hope to give them career opportunities for their future
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About Us

Heart Treasures, located in Kuching Malaysia, is a social enterprise that provides a ‘dignity-for-life’ transformation to young people with physical and intellectual disabilities with the ultimate goal of giving them the opportunity and a chance to lead a fulfilling life.
Our Founders
Heart Treasures was founded by Kiew Boon Siew and Bong Pei Fong in 2011 with the goal of creating a space where people living with intellectual and physical disabilities are given the opportunity to participate in art therapy and develop communication and fine-motor skills.

Heart Treasures founder Kiew, comes from a corporate background with 17 years’ experience with finance and accounting. Kiew started Heart Treasures because she is extremely passionate about creativity and innovation. She also cares deeply about the wider community, heritage and culture as well as promoting environmental conservation.

Co- Founder Bong, comes from an arts background with 11 years’ experience working with handicrafts and within the vintage industry. Bong started Heart Treasures alongside Kiew as she is extremely passionate about community sustainability and creativity.
Our Philosophy
Every piece created by Heart Treasures is handmade. The creation of each item is a special part in the artisans’ healing and therapy. Each piece is made from upcycled materials, meaning they are environmentally friendly. Each handicraft returns dignity to the artisan as well as the upcycled materials, providing them with purpose.
Our Vision
Heart Treasures provides a ‘dignity-for-life’ transformation to young people with physical and intellectual disabilities, with the ultimate goal of creating new opportunities and giving them the chance to lead an independent and fulfilling life.
Our Mission
Many artisans come to Heart Treasures without the ability to speak or participate in any activities. During their time with Heart Treasures, the artisans participate in art therapy sessions created by the centre. During these sessions, they learn ways to communicate and improve their fine-motor skills through the creation of crafted beads, earrings, necklaces, bags, notebooks and more from upcycled materials. Our mission is to sell the artisans’ creations to assist in the funding of Heart Treasures and continue to deliver this live changing therapy to our artisans.

"We do not seek pity, we ask for integrity and respect to be put back into their lives and also recognition as artisans for the work they can accomplish"

Kiew Boon Siew

Founder of Heart Treasures








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